so, what lies ahead of…

So, what lies ahead of the path of wilderness and loneliness and gazed towards the pathways towards the trees. Below the silence, below the silent thoughts and below the darkness the quiet sounds stand out. Something called to him. He didn’t know what, but he wanted to found out. A white figure appeared deep inside the woods, the white figure danced a slow dance. As he moved closer the song became clear but there were no words. He didn’t think much about it then but he thought about is months after. It was dangerous and nothing was looking right.

3 thoughts on “so, what lies ahead of…

  1. Some very interesting images there of the forest and the dancing figure. Nice sense of foreboding that you leave the reader with at the end.

  2. There’s some really great vocabulary here – it is a very evocative story, and quite suspenseful. Next time you do 100wc, check back over your tenses as you read the story back to yourself. You’ve done a great job describing from the point of view of two senses, what about your other senses?

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