A meteor had crashed to earth, spewing out strange rocks. Concerned mothers looked at the debris in dismay, curious children tried to get close, only to be ushered away by men in white hazmat suits. We were told it would be removed immediately, but it remained for days, emitting a toxic smell. It only took a week for the toxins to affect people. The media told horror stories of brutal mass murders that came out of nowhere, people buried alive, people burned alive, people gutted in broad daylight.

3 thoughts on “(Untitled)

  1. What an incredible piece… You write so remarkably, it’s a joy to read! The sense of confusion that you imbue is palpable, and your closing sentence leaves me wanting more.

  2. I thought it was very clever how you focused on the reaction of the people opposed to the action of the crash itself. This builds tension as the reader is aware there the crash must be something more than what it appears to be.

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