By ella leach and katie platt

I woke up to the sound of sirens.I opened my curtains and saw blue flashing lights reflecting into the room,police cars and people crowding round to see what’s happened.I scrambled down the stairs,out the front door and through the endless crowd of people to see what has happened.I got a glipse of a man lay dead over a pool of blood.Men in white overalls drenched in his blood searched for clues to find out how this man was murdered.I was pushed over as the men carried his body away i seen his face it was if i was looking in a mirror it was me!!

3 thoughts on “By ella leach and katie platt

  1. Very nice twist at the end! Great start to a longer sci-fi/fantasy story possibly! Makes me wonder whether it’s time-travel or a double or something else!

  2. Brilliant effect with such few words! Would love to know the secret of the mystery: a secret twin? Clone? Creepy premonition? Good use of exciting verbs to convey the rising sense of panic and confusion.

  3. Very well done ladies. You’ve used excellent vocabulary to relay the commotion that was going on. Just a small correction – use the word ‘saw’ instead of ‘seen’ in your last sentence. I loved the twist at the end! Great story.

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