It was only a few days ago when the calamity happened. It’s ship crashed and ended life as we know it. Although this thing reeked so much havoc it also brought us closer. Humanity all working together to clean up the mess this creature had made. So we wait for the creature to strike again. It strikes fear into all of its victims and leaves the pavement splattered with strange shattered crystals. The first thing I see every fearful morning is men in weird white hazmat suits examining the shattered crystals left by the horrific, mysterious creature of calamity.

4 thoughts on “Calamity

  1. I really liked this! I thought it work brilliantly as a voiceover at the opening of a film on a scene of devestation, could work well as script. I really want to read more to get a description of how the world looks now life has ‘ended as we know it’.

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