Lewis Groves

We are some scientists trying to make a light bulb with large skittles. The big boll got hit by a rock and it fell over and the glass smashed so all the large skital scacted across the field. We tryed to picked them up but we are too weak and to small and the glass cut us every time we picked it up. It took us 3 day to pick it all up. We would of called someone but we were in the middle of no wear no food no clothes only water. Please tell someone to come and help us please.

4 thoughts on “Lewis Groves

  1. I like the concept of a survival story. Would like to read how they survive out there! Being scientists I imagine they come up with some creative ideas.

  2. Really good story Lewis! I loved how you’ve clearly studied the picture prompt and made a very imaginative and interesting story of the scientists trying to make this bulb. The last line also creates suspense which is very clever-now I want to know if they survive! Well done!

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