The unexplained scene

Crash! The mysterious spaceship hit the floor violently. The glass cracked open leaving a colourful trail of blues, pinks and greens on the high street pavement. Two oddly looking creatures stepped out of the glassy type vase onto the beads, picking up all of the colourful pieces. The two action figures were wearing white suites as if they were astronauts. Suddenly, a strange figure started walking towards me with 3 eyes and green slimy looking scales for skin. Its body moving in an unnatural manner as he reached the scene he picked up the shattered glass and beads and walked away…

4 thoughts on “The unexplained scene

  1. I like the way it seemed like it was going to be a very scary situation and then suddenly the threat disappeared at the end!

  2. Lauren, I loved the beginning set up of your story. The turn at the end with the mysterious creature left me wanting to find out more. Well done!

    Mrs. Peterson (Team 100wc)
    Texas, USA

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