The Unknown Bang

On the Tuesday that i had came in to work, me and Jim was sent to mars, where it was all full of soggy wet sand, we started to explore when we came across a few footprints followed by some roots, then as i looked up, green and brown, leaves and branches filled the air above me. Jim and i continued to walk across the filthy, golden grains, we heard a massive CRASH and BANG. My heart began to thump. As slow as we crept, as loud as we gasped, nothing could beat the fear i was feeling at this moment.

5 thoughts on “The Unknown Bang

  1. Hi Alicia, well done on your 100 word challenge. You have used some great adjectives. I really like your last sentence, it makes the reader feel the suspense you have created. Keep up the great work! (Team 100, Wellington NZ)

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